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Our Constitution

Khasi Students' Union

The Khasi Students' Union has adopted and framed its constitution on the 18th of December 1981 which was amended on the 4th of April 1993 which marks the Khasi National Awakening Day, to firmly protect the rights and freedom of the Khasi community. A few of the main and broad objectives of the Union are appended below: -

  1. To press the government for legislation of laws that will protect and preserve the unique identity of the Khasis including their cultural, political, economical, social and land ownership rights.
  2. To exhort the people to respect and disseminate their own language, culture, traditions and other traits that contributes to the conspicuousness and uniqueness of the Khasi identity.
  3. To strengthen the Khasi society by encouraging the spirit of hard work, dignity of labour, sacrifice, unity, patriotism and self respect.
  4. To foster a spirit of brotherhood amongst the Khasis irrespective of their religion and regional affiliations.
  5. To demand the rightful constitutional status of the Khasi people under the Constitution of India.
  6. To infuse a spirit of unity, patriotism and a sense of oneness into the Khasi society.
  7. To promote the quality of education in accordance with the latest curricula so as to uplift the educational standard amongst the Khasis.
  8. To curb the surge of unemployment that is plaguing the Khasi society by encouraging entrepreneurship and self employment.
  9. To tackle the menace of influx which threatens to alter the demographic structure of the state thereby reducing the Khasi people to a minority within their own land.


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